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Eduard Lanske



Eduard Lanske: Administrator, Bowhunter and Archer

Ed Lanske has a long and respected history in our sport which spans over 33 years.

He was first introduced to the bow in 1955 when a member of the Scouts in Germany. He joined Manly Field Archers in 1978 and began his long association with field archery, bowhunting and the Australian Bowhunters Association when he joined that body in the following year as his membership number of 119 attests.

 Ed spent many years on the Manly Warringah Club Committee as both Vice President Bowhunting (1983 to 1989) and Vice President Field (1992 to 1998), ABA Representative and Bowhunter Education Instructor (1980 to 1992) and Field Representative/ABA A Class Game Measurer (1985 to 1996) as well as a three year term as President (2000 to 2003). His services to our sport and the Manly-Warringah Club were recognised through the awarding of Life Membership of the Club in 1993. In the same year Ed’s dedication to the sport was further recognised when he became a finalist in the NSW Shooting Association Sportsman of the Year award.

 He also served the ABA archery fraternity as the Southern NSW and ACT Branch Controller for the four year period 1986 to 1990. Ed was elected to this position in the early years of the establishment of ABA and it is a measure of his expertise and dedication to the sport that the Branch more than doubled its membership during his term of office. The assets of the Branch and therefore its ability to effectively communicate with its membership were greatly enhanced by Ed’s fund raising abilities and sound economic judgement. His promotion of family participation in archery is widely acknowledged and it is to his credit that his Branch was able to attract more than half of its membership to one Championship shoot.


In Ed’s various roles within the Australian Bowhunters Association he has been a regular attendee and contributor at National AGM’s. Among other things he is attributed with proposing the Ten Year Badge (recognsing Loyalty through continuous membership) which led to the introduction of a Twenty Five Year Badge.

 Ed has served two four year terms as an Official Measurer to the World Bowhunting Association (first appointed in 1998) and was a Director of the NSW Shooting Association Ltd for the period 1 July 1991 through to the 25 September 2009 as the ABA representative.

 Ed represented his country at three World Field Archery Championships in the Bowhunter Recurve Division: 1986 Blair Athol, Scotland; 1988 Darrington, USA and 1990 Valla Park, Australia.

 Ed progressed from Field Archery to Bowhunting at a relatively late period in his archery life when at age 40 he took his first boar with a recurve in the Macquarie marshes of NSW. From this time on he combined his love of travel with bowhunting which saw him hunt on numerous occasions in the USA, Canada, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia as well as in most parts of Australia. The prolific photographs and published writings of his exploits across three continents have been widely printed, particularly within the pages of Archery Action with Outdoor Connections, for the enjoyment of all bowhunters.

 Ed is a senior member of the Trophy Bowhunters Australia club and holds many bowhunting awards both internationally and in Australia. In 1998 he was the first recipient of the prestigious International Master Bowhunter Award (World Bowhunting Association) which in part required the taking of trophy game on three continents - yet another testament to the lengths that Ed has been prepared to go in pursuing his chosen sport.

 In the international bowhunting arena Ed has an outstanding record of achievement with his trophy animals being listed within the Pope and Young Record Book for North American Game (bowhunting), the World Bowhunting Association Record Book of Bowshot Game and the Safari Club International Record Book (bowhunting). Additionally, Ed has worked as a bowhunting  guide for Caribou in Northern Canada.

 Ed has taken Caribou (Canada) which is the only entry for this specie in the Pope and Young Record Book by an Australian and he is also ranked both one and two in the World Bowhunting Association Record Book for this specie. He has taken a Black Bear (also Canada) which received a Bronze Award with Safari Club International. In Namibia Ed took a number of Record Book trophy animals which included a Kalahari Gemsbok which received a Silver Award with SCI, a Red Hartebeest which received a Gold Award with SCI and is also ranked number one with WoBA and two Warthogs one of which received a Bronze Award with SCI.

 Travelling to the Republic of South Ed was able to improve on his previous Kalahari Gemsbok which this time received a Gold Award with SCI and is ranked number two with WoBA. On another trip, this time to Zimbabwe, Ed took a magnificent Kudu which is ranked number two with WoBA and received an SCI Bronze Award as well as two Impala which are ranked six and seven respectively with WoBA.

 Ed has spent a considerable period of his life as a diplomat to both Field Archery and Bowhunting and his role in promoting, defending and encouraging in the sport he loves is surpassed by very few in archery.

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