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Tom Hannay OAM

Tom_Hannay_smlTom Hannay OAM: Administrator and Archer

Deceased 1924 - 2005

After leaving the RAAF, which started his life-long fascination with aeroplanes and flying, Tom attended Queensland University and graduated as a physiotherapist.

In 1947 while still at university, Tom accompanied a fellow student to the Grange Company of Archers club grounds to 'have a shot'. He was immediately entranced with archery, joined the club (a member for 17 years) and another life-long interest was born. In 1964, Tom joined the fledgling Mount Petrie Bowmen archery club (a member for 42 years), which was being established on the QRA shooting complex in Belmont, and for years was one of the main mainstays of the club.

 During his time, the club grew from half a dozen members using an old small bore rifle range, with only partially flattened shooting mounds, to its existing splendid club grounds, which are acknowledged as one of the finest in Australia. His work in building and maintaining the 56 target field course through the surrounding bushland was most impressive. While never reaching the heights of a champion archer, Tom gained his 1100 FITA Star in the 80s, and enjoyed competing in all disciplines of archery - Target, Field, Clout and especially Flight.

 Tom attended 43 Australian Archery Championships, mostly as a competitor, but also as an administrator and official (sometimes in all of these roles), and he was actively involved in the staging of nine of these events in Brisbane. He enjoyed meeting and mixing with local, interstate and international fellow archers and his handshake was legendary. Some of the most pleasurable tournaments Tom attended were held on the Murarrie Sports Grounds, where he could not only shoot his arrows, but also get a good view of the planes coming into land at Eagle Farm Airport. What a day he had at one event held in Adelaide, when the nearby Edinburgh Air Force Base was having an air display.

 Tom saw archery change from the steel bow with wooden arrows used in the 40’s and 50’s, to the modern bow with a forged riser and carbon fibre laminated limbs, and carbon arrows.

 He was also active on the administration side of archery, and in 1983 was awarded an OAM. and in 2000 an Australian Sports Medal. At the national level, Tom served four terms as president of the Archery Association of Australia (ten years), was its recorder for six years and was a member of the governing council/board for 40 years. In South Queensland, he served at various times as president, treasurer and for over 40 years as recorder. He also served as archery delegate to the Queensland Commonwealth Games Foundation and to the Queensland Olympic Council. During the Brisbane SGIO Games in 1981 and the Commonwealth Games in 1982, Tom was Officials Manager and Deputy Competition Director.

 Tom was granted life membership of Grange Company of Archers (1968), Mount Petrie Bowmen (1980) South Queensland Archery Society (1965) and Archery Australia (1992).

 He believed that life was to be experienced to the full, and food was there for his enjoyment. His was a large foot-print in the Australian archery world and he will be remembered as a gentleman, in the true sense of the word.

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