Thursday, August 17, 2017

Syd Green


Bowhunting Adminstrator


Sydney Thomas Green was born 14th May 1937 in Toowoomba. He joined the Grange Bowhunters as it was known then, and the South Queensland Bowhunting Society during the mid 1970's. Elected President in 1978, he set about introducing representation of all clubs of the society on the management committee, the forerunner of ABA's Branch Management committee.

Aware of the Australian BowhuntersAssociation primitive situation, propmted a move to disolve the South Queensland Bowhunting Society and form the South Queensland Zone of ABA, 1971 he accepted ABA Vice President of Field, 1981 was elected ABA President. Until his passing 20th March 2008, Syd Green worked tirelessly on the development and administration of ABA, Major successes werethe acquisition of the 'Archery Action Magazine' in the early 1980's, National Bowhunter Education Programme, National Coaching Programme, International Field Tournament involvement. Syd served a term as President of the International Field Archery Association and was Technical Committee member 1995-2008, ABA National President 1981 - 1993,  IFAA President 1993- 94, ABA Life Member 1995, Executive Director ABA 1994 - 2008. Awarded the Sports Australia Award for Administrator of the year, Archer of the Year.


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