Thursday, August 17, 2017

Darryl Bulger


Darryl’s life in Archery and Bowhunting is one of natural progression and dedication to promotion of the sport.

 In 1977 he joined the Australian Bowhunters Association and this was the beginning of his long association with the sport of field archery and bowhunting.  It was only three years later when he won his first grading division at the ABA Safari (Australian Championships).

 Darryl is a dedicated bowhunter and in 1982 won the coveted award of Australian Champion Bowhunter and in 1985 bowshot a new Australian Record Feral Goat and followed this up with Fallow Deer and Rusa Deer records. He also has eleven best of species awards in 7 different species as well as many other notable achievements.

 Over the following years he held many administrative positions including Chairman of the Trophy Bowhunters of Australia Club as well as committee member for eleven years, Bowhunting Education instructor as well as Full Class Game Measurer from 1988 to the present day.  Between 1986 and 1992 Darryl achieved National Master Bowhunter six times and Trophy Bowhunter five times (elite awards presented by the ABA on a yearly basis).

 As his profile in the sport became more recognisable his writings appeared in many publications over the past thirty years. He was a consistent contributor to magazines such as Archery Action, South Pacific Bowhunter, Bowhunter Downunder, Wild Deer and Australian Deer Magazine.

 He has always promoted the sport of Bowhunting and has attended many seminars presenting discussions on bowhunting, equipment used in bowhunting and general bush skills needed to pursue the sport safely.  Seminars he has presented at include, Game Hunters Association of Australia, Australian Deer Association and the Australian Archery Hall of Fame.

 His experiences in the sport lead him to being invited to participate in a government program in 1997 run by the Australian Quarantine and Inspection service on conducting surveillance for exotic animal and zoonotic diseases.  This was a chance to show a government department firsthand the efficiency of the bow and arrow to despatch and control pest animals.

Field and 3D archery has been an ongoing part of Darryl’s archery life. A major achievement for Darryl was placing third at the World Bowhunter Championships in 1995 and also being South Queensland Champion three times between 1986 and 2007. In 3D archery he has achieved Queensland Champion four times and has qualified for eleven Top Ten Shoot Offs.

 Darryl is still very active in both competitive archery and bowhunting and his mark in our sport has left a significant imprint.

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